LeCover Company, Covers  Protective, Bloomingdale, IL

October 2014

Office phone hours: 6 pm- 9pm cst.
For the next 2 weeks (Oct 28- Nov. 11) I will be honoring my civic duty and serving as a juror on a civil matter.  This will not affect online orders.  Orders will go out as usual.  I will be in the office in the evenings  answering emails and office work.  Hopefully the two parties will settle early.....L

-Reminder- It is important to pay attention to the dimensions we have posted; it is what we have on file.  We must be notified before your order ships if there is a difference.


  • Q) Can I pay with paypal?... A) No, we are not paypal ecommerce site.
  • Q) Can I phone in an order?...A) Only if you pay by check.  We don't take credit cards over the phone, please use our secure online website.
  • Q) How much is shipping?....A) Add your product to cart.  Shipping options will become available at checkout.
  • Q) My gear is not listed.  Can I give you dimenesions.....A) Yes.  Please measure your gear and provide us the numbers; refrain from sending us pictures of a tape measure on your gear; too hard to read.  Refrain from sending us a manufacture pdf; they are ussually incomplete and, at times, wrong.
    Don't forget about angles, handles and backside wheels (if any).  I will price and list on our site, then send you the link for your review.




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